C-14 Carbon Fiber Main Tube

These C-14 carbon fiber upgrade tubes are the exact same size as the
original tube and are pre-drilled for easy installation. These tubes fit the
orange, black, and grey series of Celestron® scopes.
Customer reports indicate that they fit the EdgeHD version as well.
These upgrade tubes are fully coated with our flat black paint process on
the interior of the tube to minimize reflections. The exterior of these tubes is
clear-coated with two-part, automotive grade urethane.

Price: $589.95            Just 1 tube left!

C-14 Carbon Fiber Dew Shield
(REDESIGNED! Lighter weight & longer)

The C-14 carbon fiber dew shields are 15" in length and are very light weight. The weave and finish matches our main tubes perfectly.
Our dew shields fits inside of the front cell. You can either
drill and tap the cell for nylon set screws or use felt tabs to
friction fit it in place. The dew shields are fully coated with our flat black paint process on the interior of the tube to minimize reflections.

Price: $289.95

Carbon Fiber Tube Upgrades For Celestron® C-14 SCTs

Stay focused with carbon fiber replacement tubes from Carbon Scope Tubes dot com
Stay focused!
Photo by: Simon Kfir
Please note that we do not stock the C-14 tubes on a regular basis.
If the tube you need is currently sold out, please add your name to our notification list for an up coming run.
Our next run of C-14 tubes is scheduled for late 2024.
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Swapping out the tube is very straight forward...

•  Turn the focus knob to move the mirror as far back as it will go.
•  Lay the scope on it's side for the rest of the process and roll it as needed.
•  Remove the screws that hold the corrector, then remove the corrector.
•  If you are nervous about touching or damaging the mirror surface during this procedure, then it would be best to disassemble the focuser assembly, remove the stop ring from the baffle tube, and remove the mirror altogether.
•  You now have access to the nuts and bolts holding the tube to the cells. Remove the nuts and bolts and then the tube.

•  This is a good time to clean your optics and re-lube the scope.

•  Reverse the process using the new tube.
•  Minor collimation will be needed to complete the process.

Shipping Info:

We will contact you with a shipping cost before processing your credit card. If you are using PayPal, we will send a shipping invoice via PayPal once we determine the actual shipping cost.

Please inquire for shipping to AK, HI and all international destinations before making a purchase... sales@carbonscopetubes.com

How does a carbon fiber tube upgrade improve Astrophotography?

Stay Focused

For applications where maintaining image quality in changing temperatures is crucial, as in astrophotography, a carbon fiber optical tube is a reliable solution. Aluminum tubes tend to shrink as temperature decreases, which will cause the primary and secondary mirrors to move closer together, resulting in a shift of the focal plane off the imaging chip and producing blurry images. Carbon fiber tubes, on the other hand, have a significantly lower shrink rate, which allows for longer imaging periods without the need for frequent refocusing. In fact, carbon fiber has a shrink rate that is at least one-fifth that of aluminum, which can result in a five-fold increase in the amount of time that can be spent imaging before refocusing is required. However, it is important to note that focus may still need to be adjusted when changing filters and that temperature changes can vary from night to night.

"Before upgrading my C-11* to a carbon fiber tube, I had trouble with narrowband exposures of over 45 minutes on a typical Michigan night, as the temperature can easily drop 2 degrees per hour. In just these few minutes, my aluminum OTA would shrink enough to defocus my system. However, with the carbon fiber tube upgrade, I'm now able to image for longer periods without needing to re-focus. As you can see in the M-27 image I posted here, I used a series of 90 minute H-alpha sub-exposures (plus RGB). I've even been able to take multiple 120 minute narrowband exposures without refocusing. This would have been impossible for me without the carbon fiber tube upgrade."

Lose Weight

Carbon fiber tubes offer a weight savings of around 30% over comparable aluminum tubes. While weight may not be a significant factor for a typical SCT, it can make a huge difference for longer telescope tubes like an RC, Newtonian, or Classical Cassegrain. Additionally, if you're already pushing your mount (or your own physical limits) to the max, saving a few pounds can make a big difference. For example, switching to a carbon fiber tube on a C-14 can save about 2 lbs, which can be a noticeable improvement in terms of ease of use and overall performance.

Look Great!

Nothing has a better "wow factor" than a finely finished carbon fiber tube. Up close, it looks like a hi-tech 3D snake skin with amazing depth. The unique look of a carbon fiber telescope tube is a clear sign that you take your astronomy equipment seriously, value quality, and attention to detail.

*Frank's experience is with an upgrade made to a C-11 telescope, which we no longer offer. However, the effect on a C-14 telescope is even greater because the tube is much longer.

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